By   January 2, 2015


A web hosting service is a type of service on internet which allows organizations or even individuals to make their website accessible to the world via the internet. These hosting companies would provide the client with a space on their server which is leased by them as well as the connectivity to the internet. These servers are present in data centers which would host a website. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the internet to other servers, this is termed as calocation.

There are various types of website hosting which are specific to the needs of the customer. Some of these are-

Free hosting– these websites will be limited in their capability and are ridden with advertisements and are limited in comparison to the paid hosting.

Shared hosting– many websites will be placed on the same server so they would share the same resources of the server such as RAM or CPU time. These form the basic type of service and are not software wise flexible. It also has a service by which resellers have ability to sell the shared web hosting and the companies will have reseller accounts so they can give clients the hosting.

VPS– VPS or Virtual Private Server would divide the resources of one server into various virtual servers. So unlike the shared hosting, in VPS, the resources of the server by one website won’t be shared with other website. This VPS space can also be moved to other servers conveniently. Customers are given a lot of responsibility in taking care of the server.

Dedicated– In this type of hosting, user would gain full access and control to a web server though would not own the web server. Client will have the full responsibility of the maintenance and security. These are helpful for large websites with significant web traffic.

Calocation type hosting– in this, the user would be owning a web server called as a colo server having all the data. The web server of a hosting company will give space to this local server in its server space. Client server must be totally maintained by the user and no one else. And the web hosting will only provide it the access to the internet. This is the most powerful type of hosting and are used by companies having big companies.

Clustered– There are websites having large amount of content and is having huge traffic. For them only one web server isn’t enough. For better resource utilization, many servers will be clubbed together so as to provide a better service.

These hosting types are difficult to find and many companies give us web hosting at different prices. There’s a website known as which can help us in choosing the best web hosting provider. We can read reviews of the hosting sites to find out the best in the business as well as see the comparison in terms of price of hosting by the web hosting providers.