By   January 9, 2015

Of the many Toronto Catering Companies available, Urban Caterers is one of the most established and well-known names. The company has been providing service for three decades and has been featured at a number of major events across Canada. The company has won a number of prestigious awards and accolades for the high quality of services that it has provided over the

This Toronto catering company offers comprehensive end to end services with respect to catering. Apart from the vast offerings of menus and the hiring of catering staff, the company also provides many other services related to an event which may include:

  • Equipment rental for events and gatherings
  • Expert consultation for event organization
  • Décor services including themed decorations for events
  • Bar services and associated liquor permits
  • Entertainment services on site including tents, dance floors and other entertainment options
  • Chefs catering to exotic menus
  • Cake making and special cakes for occasions
  • Valet parking for all events

The vast categories of menus that are offered by this caterer in Toronto are organized into three categories. These categories include exotic and special holiday menus, menus for special events and occasions and regular menus for general events and gatherings. Also featured in the list of menus are the menus which had been used in the major gatherings in which the company had rendered its services.

Urban Caterers is associated with catering for over 30 different venues which encompass different parts of society. The company has been featured in various events in Canada and has also been a part of major festivals and occasions.

Apart from the commercial ventures, Urban Caterers Toronto Catering Companies also actively participates in sponsorship and donates thousands of dollars each year to local charitable organizations. The company is associated with over 30 charitable institutions and this number is growing.

Urban Caterers consists of a team of highly skilled professionals who have the necessary expertise to deal with all kinds of catering related events. The company accepts orders both large and small, ranging from humongous catering events for corporate parties which may include thousands of people or small catering events such as a special romantic dinner for two. The team is hardworking and dedicated and always works towards making the event a success.

The company also has a strong go green initiative and is completely committed to environment sustainability. All measures taken by the company follow the best practices in being environmentally friendly and in going green. The company actively looks to reduce the waste and the disposables left behind at events and it is also looking to come up with alternative solutions for these.

The high quality of catering services offered by Urban Caterers is also backed by a long list of customer testimonials and the long list of featured events. Customers can also avail of a complementary consultation quote from the company for their catering needs. It is definitely one of the best catering service providers in Ontario and the quality of services offered by the company is unmatched by its rivals. No wonder, Urban Caterers is one of the first names to be heard when it comes to premium catering services.