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How to prevent a fire in the house or apartment

By   April 16, 2014

Three of the four cases of conflagration are the result of negligence or technical problems. Remember, it is much easier to prevent a fire than to extinguish it as the speed of fire spreading is a flash-like. But this does not mean that inflammation is a fatal event, it should and must be prevented. Installation of alarm system will help to avoid fires. Let’s consider possible sources of fire in your home that should remain improbable with Toronto experts.

First of all it is failure of electrical appliances or wiring. In our homes there are several different types of appliances that may cause a fire due to overheating or misusing. If you feel suspicious smells or some sounds in electrical system, call an electrician. Fires caused by electrical malfunction, can also be prevented by regularly following the usual precautions. Leaving home or going to bed, always turn off all sources of electricity, do not leave electric driers, washing machines and dishwashers plugged in. Never dry clothes on heaters. Develop the habit to unplug of sockets toasters and irons. Install residual current circuit breaker at home.

Secondly, pay attention to open flames and candles. Many home fires are caused by the fact that people forget to blow out the candles. Do not put candles close to curtains or TV sets. Use candlesticks made of noncombustible materials such as ceramics, glass or tin. Do not use wooden candlesticks. Take a habit to always blow out the candles before leaving the room. Children are always interested in open flame, so it’s important that they learn to properly handle it. Never frighten children with fire – this will only increase their curiosity. Never leave a child without supervision in a room where the candle or open flame is burning.

Smoking in the bed – this is one of the most common causes of fire fatalities – say Toronto firefighters. It is dangerous to smoke not only to smoke in a bed, but fall asleep with a cigarette while sitting in a chair or on the couch. So, you should moisten the contents of ashtrays before throwing away. Smoke detectors of alarm system will help to suppress fire at the point of its inception.

Fire often starts from the cooker. Hot pan, left on it, is a common cause of conflagration. A fat and an oil as well as a tallow, light up easily with the temperature increasing. Never leave a boiling pot on the stove. Automatic control system on a cooker is a good way to avoid the fire. Grease and black light up very easily, so observe the highest possible purity of ventilation in the kitchen, to reduce the risk of fire.

Petrol, methylated spirits, paraffin and campfire liquid are very flammable. Keep these substances in containers and out of children reach. Make a campfire or barbecue using a special liquid. In any case, do not use for this purpose petrol or methylated spirits. Do not throw aerosol cans into open flames, as this will cause a violent explosion. Gas cylinders are extremely flammable, so it is important to store them in special premises. Close the valve immediately after the use of gas in cylinders. If you use bottled gas in the camper or boat, it is important to regularly check the connections, valves and pipes to make sure they are not damaged.

Toronto professional extinguishers strongly installation of alarm systems in residential and public premises.

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