By   August 23, 2017

You’ve pictured yourself cruising down the boulevards in a shining Porsche Cayman or bolting over the Manhattan bridge in your Corvette. It’s a great dream, but what are the realistic ups and downs of owning a fantastic sports car in NYC? Before you go and buy that used Audi R8 in New York, you might want to know the good and bad of what you’re getting yourself into.

Pro #1: You’ll get a lot of attention.

When you’re driving the right ride around the city, you’re going to get noticed by the right kind of people. If you’re in it for the attention, a sports car is going to become a hugely beneficial magnet of attention for you!

Con #1: …Maybe TOO MUCH attention.

You won’t be able to go anywhere without somebody making a comment about your car. To you, it’s just another day. But to other people, your car may stand out from the rest and inspire them to say something to you. This can get old pretty fast and make you wish you could park your sports car for a bit and take out a simple sedan again for quick trips.

Pro #2: You’ll have a fantastic driving experience.

Sports cars are optimized for a great driving experience. They make you enjoy driving, and you’ll be able to feel the thrill any time you want! It can almost be addicting when you get used to this kind of superior driving experience, and it would be hard to imagine going back to anything less.

Con #2: Terrible fuel economy.

You are going to get horrible gas mileage with city driving. Sports cars are not known for doing well with fuel, but in the city, that will be even worse than it would be otherwise. Maybe if you take it out only at night when the roads are clearer you can experience some better mileage. Otherwise, don’t count on it.

Pro #3: You can maneuver through the traffic more easily.

Having a smaller car can be an advantage in a city fully of other cars. Your quick acceleration and relatively small size can help you weave in and out of traffic if you need to get somewhere quickly.

Con #3: Parking will be complicated.

The more expensive and unique your car is, the harder it will be to get good parking. At home, you may need some sort of security for your parking, and when you’re parking out on the town it may not be safe everywhere.