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Watery Slides for a Splash of Summer Fun

By   January 22, 2016

When it is summer, most people look forward to spending a day at a water park where there are fun filled activities that people can do in the water all day. Indeed, the water park areas of amusement parks are designed with innovative pools and rides which give the riders a thrill and get them wet all over. Among the different kinds of rides that are available, the slides are popular among all. The feeling of going down a slide is enjoyed by many people and they can relive their childhood days of fun by trying out the watery slides in a water park.11

The joy of slides

The joy of going down a slide is known by all as it has been a common element for every child to enjoy in a park or a garden in the school or even at home. Slides usually start by being short in length when children are small and then the slide lengths get bigger as children get bigger and more adventurous. There are twisted slides as well, which take you through the tunnel like areas and then bring you down all the way. The more turns and the longer the length, the more thrill these rides used to provide. The same feelings are recreated by the water slides in an amusement park. Continue reading »

St Catherine’s Hospice Staff attend Brewery Christmas Lights switch on

By   December 30, 2014

The lights at Samlesbury Brewery in Lancashire were turned on last week by local MP Nigel Evans as staff from nearby St Catherine’s Hospice watched on.

Local MP for Ribble Valley and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Beer, Nigel Evans spoke of his pleasure at being invited to turn the lights on and praised the brewery for such an inclusive celebration.

The brewery manager at AB InBev’s Samlesbury Brewery, Chris I’Anson recognised the extremely important service the local plays in the local community around the brewery in comments made after the event.

The event formed part of AB InBev UK’s partnership with Hospice UK which combines a combination of fundraising and volunteering at local hospices for all of AB InBev UK’s 1,000 employees

Amazingly, the company match every pound each employee raises for Hospice UK so do get involved!

Get successful in modeling with the right agents

By   March 10, 2014

Modeling is one of the most popular careers, but it can be devastatingly hard to break into the market.   There are so many women who think that they should be models, and many little girls grow up with that fantasy in mind.   Unfortunately, achieving that goal can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools and don’t know the right path to take.  If you are new to the modeling circuit and want to take an opportunity to look for work, you can go for a casting call with a great company looking for female models between the ages of 18-22.

Do I have to have modeling experience?

Unlike many other modeling agencies, bubblegum casting does not require prior experience for their models.  They accept models who have experience just as much as models who are aspiring but have never had any previous modeling experience.  Every single job that you take on as a model through their company will give you specific instructions on what they expect from you, so you will go to the job feeling more confident even if it is the first modeling job you have ever taken.


What are some of the benefits of working for this casting company?

  • No associated fees

◦     While other modeling agencies require a down payment of some kind so that you can have head shots done and pay for other processing fees, you will not have to pay any sort of fees upon signing up for casting. 

  • Payment on the same day that you do the job

◦     Instead of having to wait for a monthly or biweekly check, you will be paid on the same day that you have the job.  In some situations, models do work and have to wait for a long time before they get paid because they don’t have an agent looking out for them.  This is not the case with this company.  You will see the money the same day, and the more jobs you take, the more money you make!

  • No experience necessary

◦     Unlike other companies that would turn you away if you don’t have a modeling portfolio, you will be welcomed with open arms to a company that actually prefers working with aspiring and amateur models as opposed to seasoned veterans.  You won’t have to worry about not knowing what to do or be nervous about doing something wrong because of lack of experience.

  • Comfortable work environment

◦     You will be working in an accepting environment with photographers around your age range, so you will be comfortable and have guidance on what you need to be doing and when you should do it.


If you are looking to get involved in modeling and are nervous because you have no past experience, you don’t have to worry anymore!  You can rest assured that going through bubblegum casting will give you the comfortable environment and the fast pay that you are looking for.  Take a chance by going to their website and filling out an application and get your career on the fast track!

Create A Network Marketing Success Lifestyle

By   June 15, 2013

Creating a great lifestyle does not require a herculean effort from you. You can have a network marketing success lifestyle that is enriching and full of fun. For some folks, having a great lifestyle may mean working long hours to make enough for a yearly vacation. This is not necessarily true, having a great life and living it fully may mean working 20-40 hours a week and having the rest of the time for fun. It all depends on how effective you are at in the business. Creating a new way of thinking and living is not hard. It starts with developing the foundation in the way you perceive life events.

Network marketing success can mean many things for a person. The best aspect is reducing the long hours and gaining traction on a social life. You could boost your business by having a flexible and free social life. Reducing your negative pressure or stress will help you reenergize and re focus on important elements in your business. If you are experiencing a lack in business, you will have to troubleshoot the area. Redesigning a marketing plan is a pain but it may be a necessary to get back on track. Education and building new skill sets will help you overcome confidence issues and help expand your horizon.

Your lifestyle changes may not happen overnight but over a course of time. Network marketing success will help these changes occur. Do not let the success overwhelm you, keeping a calm and level head is recommended. Building a profitable business is an exercise and requires time from you. There are many components for you to consider and some may be weaknesses. Ever wonder why there are MLM superstars in the industry? They work to keep pushing their personal development beyond the ordinary levels. They refuse to accept reality as truth but have enough faith to make the necessary changes for the better.