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Radon Test Kit: Keep the Radon Levels in your House in-check

By   February 21, 2014

If you ask anyone they will tell you that cigarette smoke is the leading cause of lung cancer in the world. Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens which affect the lungs of a regular smoker. Even if you smoke a cigarette once you still face the risk of getting lung cancer. Luckily, quitting or avoiding cigarettes can instantly help you avert this disease.

One can say that enough effort is being put to restrict cigarette smoking and it has been successful so far. However, little or no attention is being paid to the second leading cause of cancer – radon gas. Just like cigarette smoking, radon gas has proved to be very harmful since it is odorless and colorless. It is normally difficult to know if you are exposed to this gas or not, yet it is a deadly cause of lung cancer second only to cigarette smoking.

So what is radon gas? Well, radon is a lethal radioactive gas that is present naturally anywhere around the globe. There are places that one can have a high risk of radon gas exposure compared to other places. It is important for one to know the risk of being exposed to this gas in their area so that they can take the necessary measures.

Radon can be present in about any place around your house. However, well water and soil are the primary places this gas is present. Other common places where radon is present include public water supply, building supplies and in outdoor air. When you look at the increasing number of deaths connected to radon gas exposure, there is no doubt it is now essential to test your home for radon before it is too late. Children are at a higher risk than everyone else.

Since most modern homes are usually air-sealed and insulated, there is a higher risk of one being exposed to radon gas when it is present in the air. This goes a long way to explain why the cases of radon gas exposure are on an increase especially in our homes. If you want your family to not fall foul of this deadly gas you should always test radon gas in your home.

Testing for radon is quite easy and cheap than most people think. In fact, you do not need a specialist to carry out the test. You can purchase a radon test kit online and follow the instructions given to set up the device in your home. You can also find more details on how to use the test kit at When you detect high level of radon gas, you can contact a certified radon mitigation contractor who will assist you get rid of the gas.