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Business Gift Giving Etiquette

By   September 29, 2014

Most business cultures around the globe have some sort of tradition of exchanging gifts. Exchanging gifts can forge closer business relationships, boost morale, and simply brighten a client’s day. But some ways of exchanging gifts can be more appropriate than other ways. Here are some tips to keep you well within the realm of business gift giving

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Shop And Ship From U.S The Safe And Secure Way

By   March 5, 2014

With the introduction of online shopping it has become convenient for people to shop from their home. Online shopping allows you to see and buy products from countries other than your home country, but some of the customers residing outside of America cannot enjoy the vast number of quality products available in the U.S market as shipping charges to other countries are higher or they just do not trade with customers from other country due to the lack of a credit card from America.

The Easy Solution

The easy solution for getting the products from the United States to your doorstep has been made easy with the shopping and mail forwarding services offered by certain companies.   These services will help you to buy the required items from the particular merchant you suggest and will ship to your address anywhere else in the world. Some of the services offered by these shopping and logistic companies are really useful to customers across the globe.  Here are some of the services which makes shopping and shipping from U.S easier for you.

Mail Forwarding

  • This service allows a person to buy products from U.S merchants who are not willing to ship overseas or charges and inflated rate for shipping to overseas destinations.
  • When you sign up with E-SHOPPING LOGISTICS & TRADING, INC you will be able to choose the most suitable U.S address which saves you customs duty and shipping charges.
  • Once you order the items from U.S merchants the product will reach this U.S address and they will forward it you for a lower price.
  • These services will even re-pack or consolidate the multiple packages and help to reduce the shipping cost you have to pay.

Shopping From U.S Based Online Merchants

The e-shopping and mail forwarding services also handle the process of ordering the items and dealing the payments from the store of your choice. These services will use an American credit card to shop for you. You will have to pay a small surcharge for this service.  If you make a request to buy the items, your transaction will be completed within 24 hours of making the request.  They can also do a shopping liaison for you if you want to know anything particular, regarding the products from the U.S store.

Verifying And Re-Packing

When your parcels are received at your U.S address provided by these services, they will verify the received parcels with your order and they will record the item with the photograph showing the original packing and weight of the item. This will help you to ensure that the goods are in good condition before shipping to your original address. If you want the item to have a more compact packing you can request for re-packing the item.   When the items have reduced and compact packing the shipping charges will be low. Then it will be shipped to you as the way you want. offers best and safe shopping and shipping service from the United States.