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Online Surveys – Are They Worth It?

By   April 3, 2014

A great product doesn’t make a business. A great shop front, a great location, a great workforce: none of these make a business. Customers, make a business. Without them, there would be no business. That’s why businesses invest so much time, money, and effort into discovering more about their customers, and trying to attract new ones. As the market changes, so too must your business. Not radically, but enough to stay on top of trends and one step ahead of your competitors. One of the most efficient methods of achieving this is to carry out some form of market research, and a survey is particularly good at obtaining clear, concise results in a relatively short space of time. Companies like Decision Fuel have taken this process to the next level; by utilising mobile technology, they have created a platform that allows companies to create focused, industry specific online surveys within just minutes, and then distribute that survey to respondents all over the world via their mobile devices. Results can be generated in less than 24 hours, and can even be checked in real time. Successful market surveys ask the right questions in the right format, and Decision Fuel have perfected this process. Still not convinced? Then let’s take a look at why online surveys are still so useful.

The Reach

The practice of printing and posting or delivering surveys is more or less redundant; the internet has radically transformed the process, and surveys are now either emailed, accessed through a company’s website, or completed via a mobile application. Some firms will still use phone calling methods, but the success rate of such schemes is minimal. Market surveys can now be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world. Huge numbers of people can be surveyed, giving you a great understanding and insight into your market.

Honest Responses

Many customers will answer your survey brutally honestly – the ‘keyboard warrior’ effect – and so you can obtain very real feedback: both good and bad!

Value for Money

Although the cost of collating the material needed to create the survey may be expensive, if you outsource the survey distribution to a market research firm you will receive so many great results that the benefits will far outweigh the initial expense, especially in the long run. The survey itself may also generate sales leads, as customers who note that a business values consumer feedback will, in turn, value the business, and potentially refer their friends.

Retaining Customers

Consumers like to know that their input is valued, and that a company is willing to try and improve for the benefit of the customer. The customer should be the number one priority, and if you genuinely adhere to this rule, your customer will notice and reward you. Not all companies are willing to invest the resources to conduct market research; be different – people will notice.

Remember, customers are your business. Now you know why online surveys are so useful, why not go and find out why your customers choose your business? Or better still, find out why they don’t: yet!