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Where To Shop For The Best Glass Gems?

By   February 15, 2015


If you have realized that glass gems are the most decorative pieces that will help in bringing color and brightness to any room, then you are on the right track of adding beauty to your home in the most affordable fashion. The glass gems are offered in a wide variety of colors and they also come in very many shapes to suit your needs and budget. If you need to save money while buying these attractive pieces of craft, then you need to get these gems in bulk. Buying same colored gems in bulk from wholesalers will help you to save money. Continue reading »

Tips To Follow While Shopping For Wholesale Decorative Glass Gems

By   April 2, 2014

If you are interested to add life, beauty and sparkle to your interior space, then there is no better choice that you have than gems in the shape of pebbles made out of glass. Most of the flower vases in many homes have glass gems filled in it to add beauty and elegance to not just the flower vase but to the table and the room in which it is placed. Most homeowners prefer their homes to look attractive, elegant and unique and they can easily bring in the uniqueness by using glass gems to decorate their homes. There are no set rules on how the gems should be used inside the vase and you can let your imaginations loose and wild to come up with attractive looking vase glass gems.

Purchasing These Gems

The first and foremost thing that you need to bear in mind before stepping out to buy these glass gems is to know the exact size of the vases and the areas that you need to cover with  eh glass gems. This will help you to shop easily and to the exact requirement so that you do not waste money buying larger quantities than you actually need. Once you have the exact amount of vase fillers that you need for your home, your next mission should be to find the right shop to buy these gems. If you need a whole lot of gems of different colors, sizes and shapes, then it is better off for you to think about wholesale dealers in your area. This is the only option where you will be getting glass gems at affordable prices. If you are looking for glass gems for decorative purposes and also fro crafting, then you need to definitely go in search for them at wholesalers as they will be having more designs and stocks of these gems than retail outlets.

Deciding On The Right Wholesaler

It is ideal that you get to shop for the right reliable and experienced wholesaler so that you get good quality decorative glass gems of your choice at affordable rates.

  • The first thing that you need to understand is that you must take a lot of time to research and to find out who are the wholesalers who have been in the market for about three to four years.
  • Find out the number of clients that they have served so far.
  • Make a note of the type of services that they offer to their clients.
  • Check out the reviews and testimonials posted on the wholesaler’s website as well as check out the review websites and forums that deals with these decorative gems made of glass.

Always choose the one wholesaler who has got the maximum positive reviews and who is reputed in the wholesale market.


Following the above tips will help you to easily find the right wholesaler for all your glass gems needs. If you are on the lookout for a similar perfect wholesaler who has a wide variety and collection of glass gems of all sizes at affordable and wholesale prices, then you need to just visit Wholesalers USA this website.