By   October 17, 2015

All the people who wish to develop a good body over time tend to aid their exercise regimens with proper amount of food and nutrition. To maintain a balanced diet along with fitness routine is equally necessary because without proper and nutritious diet, exercise is nothing but a futile game. Tofulfil this need of all those trying to appear good and healthy with toned body, anavar also known by the name of oxandrolone is available. Anavar is a steroid which is mildly anabolic in its nature.It is free from all the side effects which all other powerful steroids tend to pose on our bodies. This would aid in the loss of weight along with letting you develop good muscular body.This lets you attain perfect muscles without adding any extra bulk or puff to your body.The Searle laboratories are the producers of this steroid which are also known for their other widely sold products such as NutraSweet, ambient and Celebrex.

Anavar simply deals with the wastage of muscles and helps in maintaining a proper weight hence prevents any rapid weight loss. It is usually prescribed to those who have, due to any reason, lost a lot of muscular weight.  The rapid weight loss might be a result of some disease such as cancer, AIDS or due to any other bodily dysfunction. This is widely prescribed by doctors for such patients because it is one of the safest known steroids which pose no side effects instead, it gives amazing results in the form of toned and perfect regrowth of muscles without causing the body to gain any extra weight. The fatty tissues in the body are also reduced by the intake of this steroid.

Being a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) anabolic steroid, anavar functions are analogous to the functions of testosterone in our body. Testosterone is a male hormone which helps in deciding the gender of the foetus, growth or development of male hair, etc. It is most desirable for the body builders since it does not convert testosterone into estrogens and hence, it prevents the body from undergoing major changes due to the large amount of estrogens in the body.  Anavar cycles vary for men and women.  Another good feature is the life period of anavar. It stays for only eight to nine hours in our body and does not stay for long periods which might otherwise create some side effects and one can easily read on to gain more information about it.

Though anavar has no side effects but it is to be kept in mind that certain precautions regarding the cycles and the amount of it to be taken have to be monitored. If in case you tend to develop swelling in certain body parts like hands or feet, you should immediately seek medical help as it might be the result of water retention due to this steroid. Anavar is safe and has been the favourite choice by the bodybuilders, or by those who have suffered weight or muscular loss due to some reason. For detailed information on Anavar and why it has an upper hand over all the other steroids available along with its potent side effects, read on