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Ajax Search Brings In More Customers To A Site

By   May 7, 2014

Performance of an online store is always measured in terms of customer inflow to the site. When a site need to reach many people all over the world, it is essential that the site must be optimized with SEO techniques. But the process of SEO is not the simple step. It may take a long time for the SEO steps to become effective. To ensure that the site is performing well in terms of SEO point of view, AJAX layered navigation must be used in the online site. When ajax search tag is added to the site, it will add more options to the site. When customers are browsing over the site, they get to see a number of interactive applications on screen. As a customer browse several products available in a site and want to buy several products, it is essential to place each order separately. When ajax search is added to the site, it will store the current order that a customer place in the site. This product will be added to the so called cart and then it will be stored there till the session. Even though customer goes back to previous pages, the selection will remain intact in the screen. Similarly customers can order for multiple orders through this way and then pay the bill cumulative for all the items placed on the site.

SEO friendly AJAX

When magento ajax search module is added to the site, the SEO performance of the site will not be affected in any way. SEO feeds will be provided through the extension module of AJAX to the search engine bots and web spiders. When a website becomes SEO friendly, it will improve the search engine rating of a site to a great extent. It will substantiate the efforts of SEO techniques and can provide results within a short period of time. This magento ajax search module stabilize the performance of a site in terms of SEO point of view. Hence effectiveness of SEO technique lasts for a long period of time.

Advantages of layered architecture

Since magento ajax search adds a layered architecture to the web layout, each and every layer can be enhanced in a separate manner. When a layer contains discount or offer products, that layer can be improved so that customers will be interested to see that page and to make purchase from that page frequently. Ajax layered architecture also provides a better relation between customer and the online store owners. Also customers like the site very much and will be interested to visit back to the store in future days. Effective filtering of products can be done with the help of ajax search tag. When it comes to selection from a long list of products, effectiveness of AJAX filters are high. Also some additional description about the product like photos or description can be added easily in AJAX layer. Also it will be shown to customers just while they are placing their mouse over the product.

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Darya Tokareva asks you to do ajax search to get a number of practically associated web page design technologies.

Blissful Travel and Tour to Turkey Beaches

By   May 7, 2014

Turkey: known for its natural beauty as well as modern cities; great food as well as religious abodes. It is a mix of so many various dimensions; one cannot just get enough of Turkey. If you are looking for a fun filled vacation, leisure and luxury, Turkey is for you. It’s sand, sun and fun – all in one! And all this makes one visualize beaches. Vast stretches of pristine sand and bright tropical sun with sea waves splashing around, inviting one to play with them. When in Turkey these beaches are not to be missed.


It has three bays interconnected – Kizilbuk, Datca and Hayitbuku and has pine and oak forests along the coast. The small throng of restaurants and homes ensures peace and quiet and it is not crowded at all. That’s what one calls a beach holiday.


It is a small cove, somewhat hidden behind two headlands of Turnuc and Kumlubuk. Across the bay is the blingy Marmaris city, the exact opposite of this heaven of quiet and tranquility. Historically Amos had roman population, and one can still see the amphitheatre. The food is amazing!


Almost in the neighbourhood of the treehouse paradise – Olympos beach, but in no comparision to it; this beach is majorly a protected area for loggerhead turtles to lay eggs. But the beauty of the beach is in the dramatic locale – it is surrounded by mountains on two sides and looks magical! The settlements are simple and the ambience of the place almost boho.


Loads of water sport activities held on this beach makes it a favorite when you are with teenage kids. Around the main beach are agricultural households; explore fresh produce! Also around are hidden coves which can be seen on a boat for hire.


Very popular among the tourists, this beach is near Dalyan. The most fascinating aspect is that this beach is the only barrier between the Mediterranean Sea and fresh water delta of Dalyan river. Also called the Turlte beach – as loggerheads lay eggs around the beach. Extremely picturesque with lots of traveler friendly options available.


Located near Cesme, this beach is famous majorly because the water is mineral rich and is beneficial for the skin. It is a popular beach and easily accessible too, so do not expect privacy but the facilities are nice and the locale is beautiful too. Good fun!


This white sand beach is unique in many ways. It is probably the only well managed beach and is extremely stringent in enforcing the regulations. It is said that Cleopatra imported all the sand from Egypt, and so till date the visitors cannot leave the beach without a shower. Also, one directly enters the water through ramps so that no sand gets into the ocean by visitors. You can find notices everywhere, and they are to be taken seriously. Good fun nonetheless!

Beaches are great to spend a holiday on, but to ensure high spirits and the holiday mood, plan the visit with care. Make sure the Turkish visa is in place and tickets are booked well in advance to avoide any last minute glitches. Pack everything according to season and don’t forget to click great pictures of the memorable holiday!

When it is better to plant garlic

By   May 7, 2014

Even those people, who are not versed in agriculture, probably have noticed that garlic may be very different. Sometimes, a bulb contains just a few cloves, but they are all as one, equally large, and sometimes, the bulb of the same size may contain many small cloves of different sizes. This largely depends on when it was planted.

Garlic is a perennial crop, once planted, it can grow for several years in one place, but cloves will shrink in size with each year and their number will increase. Therefore, gardeners who want to receive large bulbs annually, plant a garlic as an annual corp. For this, planting material should be planted in the ground in spring or autumn, dividing the bulb into separate cloves.

Garlic is a wonderful plant. The same type seeds can form or do not form arrows-sprouts if grown in different conditions. If arrows have been formed, bolls with ready to plant small bulbs emerge on their ends, which, in fact, are the seeds and may be planted in a ground. But it is better to use separate cloves, having in mind that bulbs, which form arrows in summer suit best for winter planting, and bulbs without arrows should be planted in the soil in spring. Garlic, planted before winter, has high yields, but its shelf life is short – until the spring. Spring type can be stored from harvest to harvest.

So, when is it better to plant this vegetable? Garlic planting dates. If you are going to plant it for the winter, you should not worry about its freezing out, it is not afraid of even severe frost up to minus 40 – 45 Celsius degrees. For this, the seeds should be planted at a depth of 6-7 cm at the end of September – beginning of the October, when the weather is warm (month and a half before the frost). In this cases, it would be enough time for cloves to root in the soil, but not to germinate.

Before planting, you should disassemble bulbs of garlic into separate cloves, while sorting out the most healthy cloves and avoiding defective. You should keep in mind that if to plant an air bulb in the soil in winter, then you will get one-clove bulb in dense shell in spring or early summer. This bulbs are not stored for a long time, it is better to leave them for autumn planting, in this case, the next year you will get a fine crop of bulbs with 4-10 cloves in each. Non-arrow garlic is planted in the ground in early spring as soon as the snow melts. In this case, you must take the time for cloves to build up vegetative mass.

Garlic, planted in the fall, matures much faster, and its fruits are larger if compared with spring garlic. It is also much more palatable. However, serious storage problem arise with such a plant. It may rot or vice versa dry out in midwinter, and it does not depend on storage conditions. The time of planting is the exact reason for this.

Matt Kempen with the article for giving advice on when to plant garlic.