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Capture A Moment Forever With a Life Cast!

By   December 15, 2013

A life cast is surely the most unique and striking piece of artwork possible. It looks and feels all the more beautiful because it’s about YOU! It captures you or your loved one in the most perfect way possible. The tiny and delicate fingers and toes of your baby can be preserved forever, even after he/she has grown up and even flown the nest! Your own fingers intertwined with a loved one or your child makes for a cherished keepsake that can even bring a nostalgic tear to the eye. Similarly, a parent’s luminous face can be immortalized for eternity – it is something that will always be with you, smiling down with a loving benevolence.

So, life casting enables you to easily capture a fond memory and preserve it forever – be it a newborn coming into your life, a birthday, a graduation day, a wedding, an anniversary or even a loved pet or even you indulging in a favorite hobby! Or you can just let your imagination wander and come up with an exceptional idea to create a one of a kind life casting that will be treasured and admired! It can make a lovely and thoughtful gift for a special person as well.

A three dimensional life cast can be commissioned to reproduce any part of the body – from hands and feet to face or torso to even the whole body. The mold is taken directly from the living body, before making a final sculpture. Various mold making and casting materials as well as various other tools and supplies are needed for the processes. Once complete, it can be mounted on a suitable stand, with even a name plate beneath it to highlight both the name of the model and that of the life caster!

The final life casting looks as perfect as a photograph and more real than any other type of reproduction possible. But obviously, the quality, finish and perfection will depend on both the quality of materials used as well as the skill and experience of the life caster. The latter plays an even more vital role in the case of full body casts.