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Calling All Boomers! Are You A Technology ‘Late Adapter’?

By   August 15, 2013

Admit it. You’re not afraid of heights, (you’ve zip-lined with the best of them); spiders (brown recluses are your friends); in confined enclosures, like an elevator, you’ve been known to break out into a smooth soft shoe). But… let someone approach within a cyber-foot of your private space, brandishing a smart phone, a Kindle (on fire or otherwise!) or one of those new-fangled tech gadgets imbedded in eyeglasses or wristwatches, and your palms begin to sweat, you begin to hyper-ventilate, and you become overwhelmed with a sudden nostalgic need to stroke your Corona typewriter.

Face it! You are, among smug, sophisticated tech circles, relegated to the disparaging category of ‘late adapter’ — euphemism for ‘Luddite’. Or ‘technophobe.’ But don’t lose heart. Although you may never earn the coveted title of ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’, there are several really valid, authentic, almost liberating reasons why you might want to begin considering the possibility that, perhaps, an attempt on your part to embrace current and emerging technologies might be a good thing for lots of reasons.

Think about how you have come to take for granted some traditional technologies which, just a generation ago, might have been considered ‘cutting edge.’ Flat screen TV’s, LCD screens, music CD’s, DVD’s, to name a few, were once the ultimate in ‘high-tech digital media.’ Now even you intuitively rely on these somewhat passive devices for your enjoyment, recreation, and cultural enrichment. Amazingly enough, you not only adjusted to these technologies, but now you can’t imagine your leisure life without them.

If you’re willing to emerge from your comfort cocoon, you’ll find that current technology, because it is so much more interactive and engaging, opens doors to heretofore impossible ways to communicate, to create, to collaborate.